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Episode 20: Black Panther

You want to learn about barking Jabari? You want to hear the concepts underpinning the storytelling praxis of Killmonger as a character vs Killmonger as a storyteller? You wanna hear about the music, the style, the tone, or just what Clay thinks of the movie BLACK PANTHER? Well, Talen hasn’t seen it, so here we go!

“I’m Black Y’all” comes from the movie CB4, and is included here for educational and parody purposes, © Universal Pictures

Episode 19: Rogues Galleries!

Clay and Talen aren’t just great heroes in their own right. They’re also defined in part by the villains that oppose them. This week, we talk about the Rogue’s Gallery, ways they form, what they’re good for, and why we’re stuck with some of the ones that suck.

Episode 18: The Multiverse!

There’s a realm of realms out there, thousands of parallel worlds, and this podcast is coming to you from Earth-1. You, the listener, are on what we call Earth-2, or, more often, Earth Poo. Clay and Talen talk about the multiverse and all the ways it’s pretty ordinary and silly.

Episode 17: Shipping!

We here at From the Rooftops are a pair of boys, one of whom is good and pure and the other of whom is a peddler of filth – literally – and so it seems this is a perfect cohort to discuss the important and sophisticated topic of superheroes doinking and the people who care about superheroes doinking. So, come along and see as we talk about the origin of shipping, its application to media and then try – badly – to talk about ships that interest us. Fact: This will not end well.

Episode 16: Extrinsic Factors in TV

Hey there folks! It’s a new year, so new episodes! Don’t ask about what happened to the Vigilantes episode. We’ll get back to that. Anyway it’s an episode where thanks to television doing Superheroes, we decide to talk about the way superheroes are reflected in television, and one of the ways those series can have problems: Extrinsic Factors.

Episode 14: Costume Design I

Hey there, folks! How you doing? You had a nice break? We get talking about character design, the superhero costume, realise how DEEP we can go into it, and then we make fun of Hawkeye a bit.

Episode 13: Sidekicks

There’s a lot of talk to be had about whether or not heroes should have them but what does a sidekick actually mean? Are sidekicks always the same? Are they irresponsible, or do they give you access to a new dimension of storytelling? And is Clay Talen’s sidekick, or vice versa?

Special: The Day Without Crime

We reminisce about the game City of Heroes, which has been shuttered now for five years, today (2017/12/01). It gets sad. We get testimonials from others.

Episode 11: Masks

There’s a fundamental power to the mask in superhero comics, and we decide to talk about them. We talk about masks that work well across different media, complaints about how masks are sometimes handled, and at some point conclude that Blade is a cop.