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Episode 10: Setting

With all our talk about setting elements we figure it was high time we sat down and talked about the setting itself and how it interacted with characters. Why it being modern matters, what it can say, how it can change and how reflecting reality isn’t as important as feeling reality. There’s also some talk about France, and a surprise Comboman appearance. Now we’re having some technical problems lately, in part because one of us had to evacuate to avoid a Hurricane, so there will be some pop and it’s a bit uneven on sound. Very sorry about that!

Episode 9: Supersuperteams

This time, it’s a bit of a crossover episode; we talk about teams that bring together larger groups of characters, and in turn, some of those smaller characters with things going on. Then, to demonstrate that we’re not too proud to write fanfiction, we talk about our lineups for the Avengers and the Justice League!

Episode 8: The Authorities

Superheroes step in where the authorities aren’t doing their jobs, but what are those authorities? How do characters represent them, or interact with them?

OCTOBER Spooktacular Part 3! COSMIC HORROR!

THE HORRORS OF THE VASTNESS IN ALL PLACES! Clay and Talen, winding down October Spooktacular, talk about the horror in vastness; as a pair of former religious fundamentalists, they have their own grappling to do with the pulp horror that underpins comic book superheroes, and why Necron, Unicron and Galactus aren’t… quite… the same thing.

OCTOBER Spooktacular Part 2! The MONSTER HUNTER!

Where there are monsters, there are monster hunters, those who look into the abyss and stand on the precipice and patrol the border and whatever liminal metaphor you want. We talk about doing them well and the ways to identify the archetype, and also, talk about Blade.

OCTOBER Spooktacular Part 1! The SCIENCE MONSTER!

IT CAME FROM BEYOND OUR UNDERSTANDINGS! Clay and Talen discuss a term they’ve used in the past, the _Science Monster_, a type of character that represents fears and anxieties about science, and how you can use these characters as lenses to look back on older stories, times and places, and see what really mattered to people. Also, Sandman and some bonus radioactive crocodiles.

Episode 7: The Natural

Talen finally vents his spleen about how mad he is about all those characters who want to insist that they don’t need to be superheroes to be superheroes. Don’t worry, there’s plenty where that came from. We talk about unpowered humans and how they frame superhero stories.

Episode 6: Magic And Science

Wally is probably wrong, and that’s why today we’re discussing the Superheroic tropes of magic and science, and the way those two intersect and oppose one another, or rather, don’t. What do they do for a story? How can you use them well? We tell professionals how to do their jobs, and we’re right.

Episode 5: Power Levels

Let’s talk about power levels! Not the challenge of measuring them, but about how different types of power, different levels of power, change your stories and change the way your stories work out!

Episode 4: Superfamilies

Sometimes we talk about topics that make us mad, sometimes we talk about topics we love. This time, we’re talking about something we love: Our love of found-family superhero structures. Batman is mentioned, from time to time.