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Episode 5: Power Levels

Let’s talk about power levels! Not the challenge of measuring them, but about how different types of power, different levels of power, change your stories and change the way your stories work out!

Episode 4: Superfamilies

Sometimes we talk about topics that make us mad, sometimes we talk about topics we love. This time, we’re talking about something we love: Our love of found-family superhero structures. Batman is mentioned, from time to time.

Episode 3: The Mutant As Metaphor

In this episode we talk about the Mutant as a metaphor, specifically how it’s sometimes used to represent some idaes that don’t work, and how you can break away from things at those failure points. Vampires eat people.

Episode 2: The Secret Identity

Expanding on our thesis from last time, we discuss the idea that a superhero needs something of a secret identity, some duality of self, that allows them to connect to the universe that we already live in. We talk about Moon Knight!

Episode 1: Defining Superheroes

Clay and Talen introduce themselves and the podcast. In order to talk about superheroes, we figure it best to start out by explaining just what we mean by superheroes. In this podcast, we discuss way superheroes require connections to the real world, to a modern framework, and some form of secret identity.